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Monday, December 26, 2011

BeetleJuice, BeetleJuice, BeetleJuice!

Christmas time has come and gone. All I can say is...success! This is the first year I feel like I put %100 into the gifts I gave. The most exciting part is that I can finally spill the beans about the them!
Mom: A Brighton necklace and some cute knick knacks for her kitchen.
Faja: Kevin and I split the price to get him a testing kit for The Human Genome Project. So excited for that!
Leesha: An herb garden starter kit...type thing, And 2 ice cream starters from W&S. Last year I bought her an ice cream maker for her Kitchen-Aid...and she still hasn't used it! Hopefully this would give her some motivation! Oh yeah and a rubber spoon that had legs and cute!
Kev: Went to Nordstrom and got him some nice thermals! He'll need them for the weather he will soon return to (Lives in the east coast)!
That's it for family! In the post below you can see what I got my best friend Jessica. No point in posting it twice! :]
Mark (bf): "He made out like a bandit" (A phrase he always teases me for saying...I don't get why). What I thought was the best way that I got him a glass boot! Yes...DAS BOOT! Then some fossil aviators (Got em for $6! hooray for savings!), a wallet, sweats and other silly stuff.

I am posting a video today showing some things I received! The outfit below was a gift from good ol' Mary.

IMG 0130
IMG 0132
IMG 0129
IMG 0148
Bodysuit & Chiffon Skirt: American Apparel
Necklace: Gift from Kevin


Anonymous said...

Love the outfit! :)

Diana said...

is that so warm? where are you living?

love this style

MSFwithSarah said...

Hi Chelsea,
I've recently discovered your blog, and wanted to nominate you for the Liebster Blog Awards. It's an award for up and coming bloggers. Please stop by my page to find out how to pass on the nominations.