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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cornrows for 1?

Well it seems I caved, I am now...blogging. Let me say it now so I am not crucified later, I have no idea what I am doing. I am not computer savvy in the slightest. Really though, I have had ads on my videos for years...just figured out how to use Adsense hmm...yesterday? Oh well! So I have been pretty busy with finals and such but I am ready to own this blog. I'm talkin' about pictures, random videos, the whole shebang. If you are afraid the "old" Chels is gone, do not fret young ones. I am planning on switching it up from time to time. There will probably be a considerable about of "Theme/costume" type crap (I am in college remember!). For example this weekend I am going to a "All I f*ck with are Gangsters and Strippers" Party. PLEASE understand that I am very offended by this theme. Given that, it should be obvious that I am dressing as Lady Sovereign. I'm talking cornrows and all! I was shootin' for a Nicki Minaj look but let's face it...ya gurl ain't got shit in the booty depo. Okay back to the point, when Sunday rolls around check back and you will probably see a plethora of pictures of how I threw that costume together!


Erica J said...

all i fu*k are gangsters and strippers! i used to be a stripper and all, so that song was my shtt- ur a funny girl && i actually read your whole blog...not like its much but it will be soon and that def. says something- i found you from xsparkage and lemme just say you livened up that video lol

Chelsea! said...

Oh god you have Lady Sovereign over there? You poor things. :(