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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Boy Howdy!

Greetings! So I am currently on my way back to the homeland. This trip home has become a real pain in the ace. To start things off I thought my flight was going to be just as quick as it was getting here. A Quick stop in Las Vegas and I'll be home! Nope, wrong, better luck next time. As I board my flight to Vegas I soon learn that this flight is not the 50 minute "puddle jump" I had ignorantly assumed. Instead this is a THREE HOUR me gusta. It doesn't even take that long to get to PHX! So how do I fill my time you ask? Why reading the magazine I picked up (THANK GOD) and editing this sad, sad excuse for an "Alicia and Chelsea extravaganza" post

.DSC 0057

First and foremost I must say...Alicia was wrong!! Within the first 2 minutes of entering her humble abode, I am greeted by my long lost love Princess Bubby (don't judge). She was a bit weary at first, but the moment she jumped on my lap (I've never felt so smug) we were amigos once again! Now all song lyrics shall be replaced with "Bubberonie" (Particularly the Indiana Jones theme song).
DSC 0067
Top: Buffalo Exchange $3.50
Romper: Nordstrom rack $13
There is no hiding the facts, this trip included a sickly amount of shopping. I have been deprived from a good "spree". Although the majority are gifts, I obviously couldn't help myself from a little "retail therapy". I stood strong at the outlets...except well...there is a Michael Kors satchel that may or may not be in my suitcase...whoops? Downtown Austin was also an interesting experience! Checking out Lucy in Disguise With Diamonds was so trippy!  The slogan "Keep Austin Weird" definitely applies! Just a bazaar place (which in my book, is NEVER a bad thing).

DSC 0151
Blazer: Buffalo Exchange: $20
Romper: $13
Shoes: Enzo Angiolini $14 (I PROMISE I will change them...eventually muhaha)
But man I must say, it is nice to finally go home. My week will include reuniting with friend and being a big ol' bag-o-bones. I hope everyone has a great week and spends it doing what they love most. See ya later! :]


Jacquelyn said...

I love your shoes and blazer :)

ShannonC86 said...

Beautiful pics

Britney said...

love u <3 u and ur sister are amazing.. i love the loook and ur makeup look.. please i hope u can follow back