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Monday, December 12, 2011

So much pow pow!

Happy Monday everyone! Mark and I had a little bit of a photo shoot this afternoon! All I can say is I am still in shock by how much Mark loved being the "Photographer"! "Do this" "JUST LEAN ON THE ROCK OMG" "Now do go back that looks awful". In the end he was so much help (and was expecting some pics taken in return). So here are some pictures from the snow! Oh yeah and I have a Lookbook account now! Weeeheew :]

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hellokatie said...

I have to know
what your lipstick is
where you got your sweater
and your shoes

ChelseaCo said...

Oh oh oh!
Lipstick: MAC Mattine lipstick in Classic Dame
Sweater: Color Thread (Try looking online, I got it at a boutique!)
Shoes: Enzo Angiolini (Expensive as heck [$$$] but I got them an an exchange store for $14!)

Glitter Detector said...

You're so cute! That Mac lipstick is amazing xx

Anonymous said...

The first pic looks so carefree. I like the one where you sit on the rock. Your lipstick is perfect to bring out in the snow. Not that I know what it feels like to be in snow or experience winter for that matter lol.


Aychpea said...



Also: It might help if you change your comment settings to pop-out. Then you don't need to load a whole new page when you want to comment/read a comment. (Unless you're into that.)

hellokatie said...

You're awesome. I have been watching your sister on youtube for at least five years now! I was so excited to see that your back, because your taste in fashion is much more like mine. Thanks for replying. And keep doing these!

ChelseaCo said...

Aychepea, thank you so much I never knew! This is so much more convenient! I hope everyone else would agree!

Soffes said...

What did you do to your hair? Looks amazing!

ChelseaCo said...

You think so? Thanks! I just did that one thing after you wash it where you keep pulling it to the side in attempt to make it less curly hahah then slept on it. So it's pretty much "bed head".

Christine said...

Where did you get those tights? I love them!

Vonlynn said...

Im so like aweek late but you could be a model.. just syaing.. and if you already are then im lookin kinda stoopid right now haha (yes i spelled it that way on purpose) i cant find the "hype" button you mentioned though!