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Monday, February 25, 2013

Hi friends

I have really been missing my blog, ugh.

Oh god this layout is hideous, green? Really Chels? Any-who, I have been swamped with school and it sucks. So please allow me to post pictures on here to give you a general idea of what I have been up to.


IMG 3492

I have accepted pink.

IMG 0055

I thought this mirror was pretty cool, thinking about making my own.

IMG 3888

My kitten friend, that Mark didn't let me adopt. Stay strong POTUS (yes that is what I named her)IMG 4758

Developed a strong obsession with all things Nerf 

IMG 0896

This is my new roommate, Madison! She is so wittleIMG 0899

I just thought this was cute...don't judgeIMG 3627

I feel it is appropriate to end this post with a picture of the greatest burger I have even eaten. My god this makes me hungry.