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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Fa Ra Ra Ra Ra

I hope everyone has been enjoying there time spent with their loved ones! It hasn't even been one week and I can not begin to explain how much fun I've had
NIK 7450
Top: Blue Bird $20
Hat: Krotchet Kids Intl. (Gift from Kevin)
Boots: Ikon & co (Didn't fit Lee, score!)

So Alicia, Kev and I have always had a tradition of exchanging gifts on x-mas eve. I have no idea how said tradition began, but I am pretty sure it's because we are so impatient! I have to say, Kevin and Lee really know how to pick gifts. I wont write about all of the things I've received today but heck why not show you guys my favorites!

NIK 7385

Alicia bought me this really weird Butterfly in a mason jar type thing...I know, horrible description but that is the only way to describe it. Probably the coolest thing I've ever seen! Obviously not a real butterfly lol. It is "activated" by tapping the top and some motor that controls a wire to make it appear the little guy is flying everywhere! As you can see it scared the Moses out of me!

PS: Sorry about the Diet Coke...It's not mine but it's photo bombing real hard!

IMG 0094

Kevin got me this beautiful feather embellished necklace that I am obsessed with! He also picked out a beanie that is from Krochet Kids Itnl. This company is for a great cause. Women of Uganda crochet these hats themselves and each tag is signed by the women who crochet them. A portion of proceeds go to helping these women rebuild their lives & provide for their families. :]

IMG 0092

But this baby...oh when I saw this I screamed! A few months ago I was telling Lee how I could kick myself for not buying this watch (La Mer) when I saw it on Hautelook. Well what a sneaky sister I have! Everything about it is perfect!

IMG 0107

I also went to my best friend J's house to exchange gifts. We exchanged many silly things. I gave her a robot arm, chattering teeth, a pig flashlight, kaleidoscope. and two big bottles of Bed Head Product. In return I received a children's fishing pole kit with a loaded tackle box to match...if that's not a best friend move I don't know what is. She also gave me a pair of these super cute shoes from XXI.

I am not sure if I will make a post about the things I receive from my parents, but who knows! I hope everyone had a great Christmas Eve and enjoys there Christmas just as much if not more!


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