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Monday, December 26, 2011

BeetleJuice, BeetleJuice, BeetleJuice!

Christmas time has come and gone. All I can say is...success! This is the first year I feel like I put %100 into the gifts I gave. The most exciting part is that I can finally spill the beans about the them!
Mom: A Brighton necklace and some cute knick knacks for her kitchen.
Faja: Kevin and I split the price to get him a testing kit for The Human Genome Project. So excited for that!
Leesha: An herb garden starter kit...type thing, And 2 ice cream starters from W&S. Last year I bought her an ice cream maker for her Kitchen-Aid...and she still hasn't used it! Hopefully this would give her some motivation! Oh yeah and a rubber spoon that had legs and cute!
Kev: Went to Nordstrom and got him some nice thermals! He'll need them for the weather he will soon return to (Lives in the east coast)!
That's it for family! In the post below you can see what I got my best friend Jessica. No point in posting it twice! :]
Mark (bf): "He made out like a bandit" (A phrase he always teases me for saying...I don't get why). What I thought was the best way that I got him a glass boot! Yes...DAS BOOT! Then some fossil aviators (Got em for $6! hooray for savings!), a wallet, sweats and other silly stuff.

I am posting a video today showing some things I received! The outfit below was a gift from good ol' Mary.

IMG 0130
IMG 0132
IMG 0129
IMG 0148
Bodysuit & Chiffon Skirt: American Apparel
Necklace: Gift from Kevin

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Fa Ra Ra Ra Ra

I hope everyone has been enjoying there time spent with their loved ones! It hasn't even been one week and I can not begin to explain how much fun I've had
NIK 7450
Top: Blue Bird $20
Hat: Krotchet Kids Intl. (Gift from Kevin)
Boots: Ikon & co (Didn't fit Lee, score!)

So Alicia, Kev and I have always had a tradition of exchanging gifts on x-mas eve. I have no idea how said tradition began, but I am pretty sure it's because we are so impatient! I have to say, Kevin and Lee really know how to pick gifts. I wont write about all of the things I've received today but heck why not show you guys my favorites!

NIK 7385

Alicia bought me this really weird Butterfly in a mason jar type thing...I know, horrible description but that is the only way to describe it. Probably the coolest thing I've ever seen! Obviously not a real butterfly lol. It is "activated" by tapping the top and some motor that controls a wire to make it appear the little guy is flying everywhere! As you can see it scared the Moses out of me!

PS: Sorry about the Diet Coke...It's not mine but it's photo bombing real hard!

IMG 0094

Kevin got me this beautiful feather embellished necklace that I am obsessed with! He also picked out a beanie that is from Krochet Kids Itnl. This company is for a great cause. Women of Uganda crochet these hats themselves and each tag is signed by the women who crochet them. A portion of proceeds go to helping these women rebuild their lives & provide for their families. :]

IMG 0092

But this baby...oh when I saw this I screamed! A few months ago I was telling Lee how I could kick myself for not buying this watch (La Mer) when I saw it on Hautelook. Well what a sneaky sister I have! Everything about it is perfect!

IMG 0107

I also went to my best friend J's house to exchange gifts. We exchanged many silly things. I gave her a robot arm, chattering teeth, a pig flashlight, kaleidoscope. and two big bottles of Bed Head Product. In return I received a children's fishing pole kit with a loaded tackle box to match...if that's not a best friend move I don't know what is. She also gave me a pair of these super cute shoes from XXI.

I am not sure if I will make a post about the things I receive from my parents, but who knows! I hope everyone had a great Christmas Eve and enjoys there Christmas just as much if not more!


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Boy Howdy!

Greetings! So I am currently on my way back to the homeland. This trip home has become a real pain in the ace. To start things off I thought my flight was going to be just as quick as it was getting here. A Quick stop in Las Vegas and I'll be home! Nope, wrong, better luck next time. As I board my flight to Vegas I soon learn that this flight is not the 50 minute "puddle jump" I had ignorantly assumed. Instead this is a THREE HOUR me gusta. It doesn't even take that long to get to PHX! So how do I fill my time you ask? Why reading the magazine I picked up (THANK GOD) and editing this sad, sad excuse for an "Alicia and Chelsea extravaganza" post

.DSC 0057

First and foremost I must say...Alicia was wrong!! Within the first 2 minutes of entering her humble abode, I am greeted by my long lost love Princess Bubby (don't judge). She was a bit weary at first, but the moment she jumped on my lap (I've never felt so smug) we were amigos once again! Now all song lyrics shall be replaced with "Bubberonie" (Particularly the Indiana Jones theme song).
DSC 0067
Top: Buffalo Exchange $3.50
Romper: Nordstrom rack $13
There is no hiding the facts, this trip included a sickly amount of shopping. I have been deprived from a good "spree". Although the majority are gifts, I obviously couldn't help myself from a little "retail therapy". I stood strong at the outlets...except well...there is a Michael Kors satchel that may or may not be in my suitcase...whoops? Downtown Austin was also an interesting experience! Checking out Lucy in Disguise With Diamonds was so trippy!  The slogan "Keep Austin Weird" definitely applies! Just a bazaar place (which in my book, is NEVER a bad thing).

DSC 0151
Blazer: Buffalo Exchange: $20
Romper: $13
Shoes: Enzo Angiolini $14 (I PROMISE I will change them...eventually muhaha)
But man I must say, it is nice to finally go home. My week will include reuniting with friend and being a big ol' bag-o-bones. I hope everyone has a great week and spends it doing what they love most. See ya later! :]

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Should be studying...whoops

Not having finals until today has been a real curse. I have been laying low ALL WEEK! I wake up this morning (late...of couse) and dread studying for the final I have at 5:30 tonight. Not to mention my two other finals are back to back tomorrow (Literally 20 minutes apart...across campus). So I have been cranky...meh. But I know I couldn't leave you guys hangin! So here is one of my favorite outfits that I constantly find myself wearing...enjoy! :]

Shoes (as if you can see them): Savers $6
Top: Victoria Secret $20
Jeans: American Eagle $40
Belt: Nordstrom (BP) $10

Monday, December 12, 2011

So much pow pow!

Happy Monday everyone! Mark and I had a little bit of a photo shoot this afternoon! All I can say is I am still in shock by how much Mark loved being the "Photographer"! "Do this" "JUST LEAN ON THE ROCK OMG" "Now do go back that looks awful". In the end he was so much help (and was expecting some pics taken in return). So here are some pictures from the snow! Oh yeah and I have a Lookbook account now! Weeeheew :]

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Frustration Station

So my weekend has not been as successful as planned. Right when I thought the semester was going to end on a great note, the rug was pulled from beneath me...of course it did. Any who, today has been rather exhausting. The only way I can start is to explain my roommate, Megan. She is "random" And has been causing me an unsurpassable amount of stress since the moment I moved in. I know it seems that I am goofy all over the place but if there is one thing I CAN NOT stand is 1. Liars, and 2. slobs. Well guess what are two perfect adjectives to describe her...ugh. So I am incredibly anal about my belongings (as any one should be, I mean they are yours right?). Well Megan does not seem to understand what "personal" means. The first time I met her she told me about how many "Zany bars" she did the night prior (WTF ARE THOSE ANYWAYS!?). She also mentioned how she has a record of guess who was shitting there pants? Oh you guys are so smart because it was THIS BITCH RIGHT HERE! Since then I've had to repeatedly ask her to not use/wear my things. Granted I had perfectly good reason every time (Finding my most treasured items buried under her mountain of clothes and Marlboros). So today I am looking for a pair of yoga pants and see them in her hamper, naturally I go to snag them to make sure they are mine (hard to tell now that they've been stretched out :/ ). Low and behold I see MY THONG is underneath! I obviously shat myself then went to check my drawer to check...yup those were my panties. I almost threw up seeing my underwear with some other chicks discharge all over it. So I immediately tell my suite-mates (Who found Megan's used pad on the b-room floor that morning). We are all in shock, I mean I get it if she is a klepto, but my thong!?! I tried to keep it cool until I text her and she, go figure, plays it off like I am insane (Hmm, I'm not raiding panty drawers am I?). "What makes you think everything of yours is one of a kind?". Honestly I was ready to pack all of my shit right then and be done with her. If only I wasn't missing hmm lets see, My Natori bodysuit and a bra (Roughly around $100 right there) and few other items without a doubt. So tomorrow we are having a "Chat" With my RA. Then I'm out of that room for good. I just want to get my shit then she can torture the next poor soul that has to live with her. I know this sounds dramatic but her roommate from last year told me to move out asap...this was in September. If you read through all of this I am so grateful someone will listen to my ranting. I just cannot believe someone could ever be so tactless! So I am off to sleep and tomorrow: Operation pack and run.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Makes me wonder

Watching tv with Mark. Find myself picking out his earwax. Realize how freaking weird that probably seemed, so I stopped. 30 seconds later Mark turns his head the other way...insisting that I do the same for the other ear. I don't know who looks weirder in this situation...hmm Sundays are weird.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Toughing It.

Before I start, I am so sorry for the poor quality! I am purchasing a camera when I can afford it. Until then I am trying to make do. This has to be one of my favorite outfits. The combination of royal blue and gold has become my new obsession...whoops

Boots: Enzo Angiolini
Knee high's: Exchange store ($8)
Dress: American Apparel ($48)
Necklace: Betsey Johnson (~$50)


Ex-men's shirt as new dress for you from general ink on Vimeo.

HOW COOL IS THIS! Say goodbye to all of your dress shirts Mark!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cornrows for 1?

Well it seems I caved, I am now...blogging. Let me say it now so I am not crucified later, I have no idea what I am doing. I am not computer savvy in the slightest. Really though, I have had ads on my videos for years...just figured out how to use Adsense hmm...yesterday? Oh well! So I have been pretty busy with finals and such but I am ready to own this blog. I'm talkin' about pictures, random videos, the whole shebang. If you are afraid the "old" Chels is gone, do not fret young ones. I am planning on switching it up from time to time. There will probably be a considerable about of "Theme/costume" type crap (I am in college remember!). For example this weekend I am going to a "All I f*ck with are Gangsters and Strippers" Party. PLEASE understand that I am very offended by this theme. Given that, it should be obvious that I am dressing as Lady Sovereign. I'm talking cornrows and all! I was shootin' for a Nicki Minaj look but let's face it...ya gurl ain't got shit in the booty depo. Okay back to the point, when Sunday rolls around check back and you will probably see a plethora of pictures of how I threw that costume together!