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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I Am the Butcher

I really have a problem hoarding clothes. I can confidently say my wardrobe contains pieces that are a good 6 years I embarrassed to say? Hell no! If there is any key fashion advice I could give it would be to NEVER EVER throw away your clothes! The top as well as the dress are probably 4 years old. The thing is when I obtained these items they were things I WOULD NEVER wear. The dress went past my knees and the top had this really odd 4in long waist band that would cinch it to my hips (no bueno). 


So as you can tell I did a real hack job on the skirt, real lazy with fixing that hem :/ but I still am so much happier with the dress! 

The top was a piece of cake to alter and I am so happy I did! Crotchet pieces are very easy to alter but you MUST BE CAREFUL! one wrong snip and you have a one way ticket to Frayville.


I really have a hard time picking the why not post extra? 



Belt: Forever 21

Top: Forever 21 

Dress: Exchange store

Shoes: Deena & Ozzy

Watch: Aldo


DSC04731I hope you enjoyed todays post! :] 

1 comment:

Yvonne Slagle said...

Im goin gto be the typic "omg i love your style blog stalker" lol but saying that, I NEVER tell anyone I love their style.. Yours is more real.. nothing that I couldnt go out and buy myself and actually be able to afford or build my own style with.. I like your blogs and videos because its not like most others where youre scripted or practiced, the blogs make me feel like youre actually just talking to me and again your style is awesome! Keep up the good work!! I miss your vids and blogs when you dont post but I know how life can be! Cant wait to see more from you!