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Monday, October 1, 2012

September favorites BOOM!

Why do I have an undying habit of forgetting about my blog :[ 

Well, in my defense balancing college, filming, friends and my love life can be a bit overwhelming. Oh well, moving on!


This blog post is going to get RANDOM! ...hmm sums up my life. 

How about we start with music? 

Well well well...I love all kinds of music, but this tiny little white girl is all about that hyphy shit. If I can dance to it, chances are I will LOVE IT! E-40 can sum up my high-school experience...yep

My current obsession is this playlist on Songza (If you are unfamiliar with Songza...that's a damn shame)

But let's be honest, Azealia Banks is just a bad ass. 

Oh yes, and Iggy Azalea


Things I enjoy putting in my belly

Pho...all the Pho-king time

Ben and Jerry's Phish Food OMFG worth the fat

Red wine (Never thought I would say that)

Garic garlic garlic garlic 


Fashion Splurges

My UNIF Hellraiser...$110 for the WORST BLISTERS EVER

Although they were pricey..they are now so so so worth it. I wear them anytime I walk to my car. No one will mess with me in these babies :]  

Can my hair dye count? I spend way too much money on that shit. Just tried out Pravana: Wild Orchard and OMG SO AMAZING! So bright, I seriously look like is AWESOME.

Thrifty Time

I am planning on posting a viddy of my thrifts of September...stay tuned hehe


Until next time, bye! 

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Jacquelyn said...

I love your hair! :)


Daniel bird said...

I will add netchunks to that terribly before long. South Berkeley Orthodontist